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Published on October 24th, 2012 | by admin


A Success Story from Belarus – Viber Application

viber app mobile free calsThe idea of Viber app was born in this Eastern European country, Belarus, software exports have grown by more than 2,000 percent, to $270 million last year.. Talmon Marco and Igor Magazinik co-founded Viber just two years ago, on Nov. 9, 2010, and it became one of the most favourite apps in its class, as one hundred million people have registered as users on Viber.

Here stands an app that enables people to talk and text via mobile phone without paying a fee. The app has become an important rival to the similar apps like Skype. Howard Hartenbaum, an investor in Skype, points out that 2011 marked the first time global smartphone sales outnumbered those of computers. “I don’t think Viber is going to put Skype out of business,” he says. “But they could pass Skype from the mobile perspective. Skype should consider buying them.”

He is absolutely right. May be Skype is dominant one on the market, but as a mobile app Viber is much better. It is a success story indeed. On its first day of creation, Viber had 18 new users. By the 16th day, it had added 1,400 more. The following day, nearly 3,700 people signed up. Viber had 31,000 total users in three weeks. After the global release, Viber had 1.8 million users. Now the app is used ti sent 2 billion text messages per month and to make 1.5 billion voice minutes.

That has been the case for many things; apps, inventions, equipment or technique that we use in daily life. When Shannon and Weaver presented the “Mathematical Theory of Communication” neither had any idea how technology and communication will develope over the next 60 years.

What kind of future awaits Viber? How far can go our application?

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