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Published on October 29th, 2012 | by admin


Activate Viber on Android or iPhone in blocked countries

Activate Android iPhone blockedWhen I and my friend installed Viber on Android and iPhone we can’t activate it as we live in Syria and Viber activations SMS messages doesn’t send to Syria and doesn’t open too.

Many countries like Syria and Iran can’t activate Viber because of this, but I didn’t give up. After trying many ways to activate Viber I finally activated it on both android and iphone and here is the way. 

Viber Android

To activate viber on android I used a VPN program. I first installed “Vpn One Click” which allows you to connect to a VPN in many countries around the world with only one click. You can download it for free from here or from Google Play. After installing it I connect to internet and connected to USA VPN network by clicking on “Connect to Usa” button.

Then I opened Viber and used the regular activation way starting by entering my phone number, but rather than waiting to receive Viber activation sms I clicked the link under text box to open activation page on and requested an automatic call, after a few seconds I received the automatic call and entering the activation code.

Viber iPhone

For activate Viber on my friend iPhone I can’t find working free VPN program so, I used a proxy to connect to internet with. I put the proxy in wireless settings as I was connect to a wireless internet network , the proxy is: After adding the proxy, I opened Viber and entered my phone number after that I used no code button to request Viber automatic activation call.

I listened to activation code, entered it and Viber become finally activated.

I wish this will work with you as it works for us.

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