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King of Fighter game google PlayWhile many may argue that Capcom’s Street Fighter is king of fighting games, SNK SNK Playmore would like to politely remind you that they too have their own king of fighters.

The King of Fighters, SNK Playmore‘s own fighting series, have finally made their way on Android. Released by G-Gee, the King of Fighters hopes to be the answer to Android gamers prayers, an honest to god fighting game from a (more…)

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Broken Screen android appleAndroid Broken Screen app: If you are looking for android app that you can use it for joking, then Cracked Screen is good application. This app will make your screen like broken.

With android broken screen application, you ca trick other people show them broken screen. Cracked Screen app for android is available for free download. The current version is Cracked Screen 1.3.7. You can download it from (more…)

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Photography Apps3 android app for photography-if my previous post I gave 5 best android games, this time I will give an application for a photography that might be useful for a photography.

1.Photo Funia

With this application you can improve the quality of the photos you have, this application has a very good function, such as changing your (more…)

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Music Player for AndroidI often listen to Music on my Android phone and not on the Music Player while I am travelling. The reason is I could perform all other tasks on my Android phone and listen to Music at the same time.

However, if your phone’s screen is locked and you wish to change the track your phone is playing, you would perhaps unlock it and then change (as ususal).

If you are on a custom ROM like CyanogenMod or MIUI, you get the music controls on (more…)

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Call of Duty Elite Mobile AppGet in touch with of Duty ELITE is a top quality services for players of Contact of Duty: Present day Warfare 3.

Activision launched a mobile app for ELITE members on iOS and Android, and it has been set up above two million times.

With the achievement of the smartphone app, Activision is now doing work on a tablet (more…)

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fifa 2012 Soccer androidDon’t be confused about the Android Market, while Google few days ago decided to work with some magic on it and which came up with an amazing idea of joining all forsm of media into one covenient cloud-based hub and called it Google Play.

Android Market or Google Play, both are same when you call it which always contains all of the apps related goodness which Android has to offer you, me.  (more…)

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Score Alarm Android iOSA true sports fanatic (like me) will do whatever it takes to keep abreast of their favorite sporting events and score line, regardless of whether they’re in school, at work or on their way to home.

Even if you can’t catch all the action live on your TV, there are numerous means to access the live scores of your desired sports via SMS alerts as well as various sports websites.  (more…)

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Chrome Browser Beta AndroidGoogle just announced on the Google Chrome Browser Blog the long-rumored release of Google Chrome for Android Beta.

The initial release focuses on bringing three main aspects of the Google Chrome browser for desktops, with Google’s blog post highlighting “Speed,” “Simplicity,” and “Sign in” as the browser’s main features.

After a few minutes of use, all we can say is, “Wow!” Without a doubt, this is the most (more…)

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avira avast androidAvira stays in touch with your lost phone

Avira is known for its desktop virus scanner, but now they’re on Android too. Not with a virus scanner, but with an app that lets you limit the damage if your phone is lost or stolen.

Avira Android Security doesn’t do anything on its own, but works with an account on When you log into the Avira web console you can locate and lock your phone, or make it scream. It won’t remotely wipe your phone yet, but they’re working on it.  (more…)

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Draw Something mobileDraw My Thing has been available on Facebook for over a year now, offering players an incredibly fun version of Pictionary that can be played with friends or strangers alike.

Now, the game has gone mobile in the form of “Draw Something,” and is available on both the Android and iOS platforms for free.

Draw Something offers the same gameplay as Draw My Thing, allowing you to start multiple games at once, taking turns choosing from three words (with varying difficulty levels) that you can draw for your opponent.  (more…)

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