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Free Call iPhone Viber As well known, Viber is an application that lets users to make free phone calls. You can use this application with your iPhone. IPhone with Viber users can make free phone calls to other iPhone users that set up Viber.

For your phone calls, if you use Viber, your calls are free and the sound quality is much better than any regular call. Wherever you are on the earth, your all viber calls are free. Also, the whole Viber features are totally free and you do not need to pay any extra for this android application.

And now, lets see the advantages of Vİber Application for iPhone users.

When you and your friends download and set up Viber application, you can talk as much as you want. The only thing to know that you need to make sure all your friends have Viber and the only thing you need is an Internet connection; 3G or WiFi where available.

It is not a problem whether you are on the same network with your friends or in a completely another country.

Viber application and its all features are surely free and you do not have to pay for its extra features. One of the most important Viber qualification is that you do not see annoying adds because of the application.

You know your friends’ phone number anyway, so you do not to waste your time with bothering procedures such as registration and passwords.

You can see your friends who have Viber on their iPhone in your iPhone’s address notebook. So you there is no need to an extra friend list.

If you want to make a call with Viber on iPhone and you do not know whether s/he has Viber or not, you could make the call with Viber and if they do not have Viber the call will be made using your regular phone, remember to invite them to Viber so that you will be able to call free nex time.

Contrary to applications like Skype, Windows Live Messenger on which you need to add your friends, Viber offers a function like a phone. You do not need to add a friends or have to a buddy list in order to make a call on Viber.

Even if you have missed Viber calls because your iPhone was off or there is no connection, Viber notifies you of your missed calls as soon as you iPhone is on or the connection is restored.

If you want to install Vİber on your iPhone, iOS 3.1 or later is only requirement. You can download Viber on your download on the following link.

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