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Published on August 12th, 2012 | by admin


Galaxy S3 Smartphone Review and Features

Samsung Galaxy S3 and S2When I took  Galaxy S3, I felt the weight is similar to the iPhone 4S phone and I was not able to find much difference in between them.

But the curved corners and policorbonate back cover made me to feel the weight is light and plasticky. Comparing to the 4S, the metal finishing and Gorilla Glass in front and rear is better to handle, because Samsung Galaxy S3 gave made me to care it like toy smartphone in a kids hand. May be you will let it down if you didn’t hold properly because of its slippery surface. Samsung again proved that it can give a stylish products, yes this smart phone is very stylish while comparing Samsung Galaxy S2.

Of course being light, versatile, sleekly stylish and offering a very good front facing. May be girls would like this because of its powerful front camera. Girls can use it as a mirror for makeup.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera

Interestingly the main rear-mounted camera on the Samsung Galaxy S3 has 8MP, the same as the S2. The miniature lenses and microscopic apertures that are required to fit onto today’s ultra-slim smartphones have a finite quality and resolution. Up that pixel count and there is every danger that the results will simply highlight the issues in the lens and highlight distortions and imaging defects.

The only real difference from a user point of view is that the screen is now slightly bigger to see your photos and the new HD screen offers more detail and more natural colour balance, so photos look better when viewed on the Galaxy S3 smartphone. If you download and see it in your computer you will not be able find any major difference. That is no bad thing because both the  S2 and now S3 both take furious pictures.


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