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Published on April 14th, 2012 | by admin


Instagram for BlackBerry Devices – Want to download it now?

Instagram for blackberry deviceInstagram photo sharing app has taken the world by storm It’s one of the top-rated apps on iOS and people just flat out love it. But where is the BlackBerry love?

What makes Instagram so great? It’s addicting, social, creative and just plain fun. Instagram for BlackBerry is something we’d like to see in the near future be it for BlackBerry devices now or a BlackBerry 10 Instagram for phones and tablets later on. 

While we have a few alternatives for BlackBerry like LensBoost, Photo Studio and InstaPhoto none have the draw or following of Instagram. Obviously it’s hard to get a new app to catch on in the same fashion, especially when it’s not cross-platform.

In the BlackBerry World these apps are fairly well know, but ask anyone on iOS or Android and they likely won’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Instagram is the way to go.

Rumors of Instagram heading to Android means good things for PlayBook owners as we might be able to sideload the app after it’s release, but that is yet to be see.

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7 Responses to Instagram for BlackBerry Devices – Want to download it now?

  1. Nour el hefnaoui says:

    Do not know if it will work

  2. British02 says:

    British himself.

  3. British02 says:

    British the man of integrity.

  4. cannydee says:

    Don’t no if it wiould work

  5. Thanks!It’s so convenient.

  6. Henok says:

    Free call and Message For BlackBerry phone.

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