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Viber Make Free CallsIn this post we share the advantages of Viber. Today, there are 0ver 40 million Viber users who can call, send messages, photos with each other worldwide totally free.  Viber is not only free, but also you don’t need to see boring advertisements. As you know there are so many applications such as Viber.

But when you start using them, you always have to see advertisements, but Viber is not like that. You can make your free calls and send messages free without seeing any advertisement.

Another good thing on Viner is that, users’s privacy is very important for Viber. You can read

Why do over 40 million people use Viber?

Because, Viber offers best sound quality thanks to its cutting edge technology ensures HD sound quality. We can say that this technology is much better than sound in regular phone call.

Over 40 million people use Viber, because it is totally free and users don’t have to subscribe any platform or purchase any packed program or tariff. With Viber application, you can avoid “Bill shock”. Each service that provided by Viber is free.  All you need is a 3G or Wi-Fi Internet connection, and contacts who have Viber on their devices too.

Viber is good for everyone because it is so simple to use that users do not need to know extra knowledge.  Viber just works, and lets you connect with your friends whose numbers you already have. It synchs with your mobile phone number and contact list to instantly show who already has Viber. So, you don’t have to search your friends on your phone again, create a new account or a new contact list.

Viber works in the background so it does not drain your battery. You can receive incoming calls and message alerts.  So, you are not worried about your battery whether it will be low in a short time.

As we said before Viber doesn’t accept advertising and promises mobile text and calls will always be free, and ad free.

As team, we know that viber guys are hard hard at work bringing you many more features and platforms, more ringtones, wallpapers and support – the most important.

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