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Apple New iPhone 5 SalesThe latest handset of the biggest smartphone manufacturer has announced that they have sold more than five million in just 3 days. It shows us that people were waiting eagerly the phone. But there is a problem for Apple naturally – a widespread shortage.

Before reading further, you can read the review of iPhone 5 in our site.  (more…)

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Samsung Apple Device FansOur readers would know about the on going war between the two technology giants; between Samsung and Apple. The war has been fought for a long time and it is very likely that it will not end soon. But this war is not just between the companies, but also between fans of these technology manufacturers.

This issue was started last week, when Samsung released an advertisement that shows the features of both Samsung Galaxy III (more…)

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Sony Xperia T New SmartphoneThe new phone of James Bond… 13 Mp camera sensor… Well, what to say? Powered by a modern 28nm Snapdragon S4, a large HD screen, one of the few to take advantage of Android’s on-screen navigational buttons, allowing it to keep the size compact and bearable…

Even until that, one can be convinced to but this device by the Japanese technology giant. Let’s look what we have more. (more…)

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New Android Mobile AppsFortunately we frequently hear many news about new apps for Android. Android developers do quite well. These new apps solves many mobile needs and they flows ceaselessly.

We want to list some of these new Android apps:

- feature-filled stopwatch and timer; (more…)

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Apple and Google MapsThe news about Apple’s new Maps app was great news for many. iOS6 was released and it met with many positive praise. But Maps face a big trouble. It almost doesn’t work. We hope that we will not have news about people, who trusted Apple Maps, and are lost in forest, on mountains or in the middle of oceans.

The issue will just bring more and more debates between users of rival smartphones. Apple’s mess just demonstrates what an (more…)

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BlackBerry Outage Fixed PhonesResearch In Motion Company has suffered from a major service outage across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. BlackBerry users from the three continents couldn’t receive e-mails. But RIM said that they fix this issue, which they did not name. “We can confirm that services have been restored and are now operating normally,” RIM said in an apology statement.

You would remember that a similar issue occurred in October 2011 and it lasted (more…)

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HTC Windows Phone 8X 2012Windows Phone 8X of HTC stands as the signature device of Windows Phone 8. The poorly-named device has been recently announced at a press conference in New York. The device may be poorly named, but as for the features and specs, it is a promising Windows 8 device.

We had many leaks about the device over the past couple of months. Now we have correct and official information. The device (more…)

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iOS 6 Mobile DevicesNow the iOS 6 is available for all. We say for all because you couldn’t have it before even if you pre ordered an iPhone 5 or a fifth generation iPod touch. We had many changes and with iOS 5. The iOS 6 update will be available not just for iPhone 5, but for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, new iPad 3 and fourth generation iPod touch.

Now we have iOS 6 in our Apple devices. It has many useful updates that will make you think how did you live without these new features. With 5 we got Twitter integration, alternate routes in the (more…)

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Samsung Apple ComparisonSamsung is running an ad against the iPhone 5 launch showing at one side iPhone, at the other Galaxy S3. The ad goes nationwide in the US and it targets Apple’s newest and best device, iPhone 5 directly.

Samsung’s PR team chose a good time, when Apple’s first pre order days are going on. In these days Apple usually break its own order records.

In the Ad we see the Apple iPhone 5, turned off, and with the main features listed (more…)

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Samsung iPhone 3g DevicesThe California district court, which was decided in favour of Apple, charged Samsung $1 billion in damages. Recently, International Trade Commission (ITC) has also ruled a court by Samsung in favour of the American Company.

According to ITC Judge James Gildea, Apple’s iPhones, iPods and iPads did not violate Samsung’s rights in any of the four Samsung patents involving 3G technology in question. (more…)

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