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Published on April 3rd, 2012 | by admin


The Newest Viber Version for iPhone and Android

Viber Free Calls for android iphoneAs everyone knows smart phones have been more dependent on internet. With viber, mobil users can connect from all over the world. Over 40 million mobil users with viber call, text, send pictures whereever they are, not paying any penny.

Viber 2.0 has provided text messaging and now its new version, 2.1 developed its messaging feature with photos, location sharing and new sound engine. With its new version Viber offers two applications at the same time ; for iphone and Android. And now, let’s see the new features of Viber with its new version Viber 2.1

Sound Engine

[ads2]Even though it has an excellent sound quality, sometimes users may have sound problems when talking by 3G mobile network when it has bad signal or over EDGE connection. But now, the calls are more reliable and flawless althouh it is not in perfect situations.

Photo Messaging

By using Viber, millions of mobil users can send sms free on, and now with Viber 2.1 they can also send photos free, again. They take their pictures or get from ready photo from any file. How to use it is not competetive and very practical as it should be on smartphones. May be you are not able to add text to the photo or make a photo slideshow. But it does not so matter because these features are not generally used.

Other New Features

Your friend’s response writing is shown as typing notification.
Location sharing. With new version of Viber users can tag their messages with their current location.
Developed graphics for retina displays.

Viber 2.1.5 for iPhone

-Users can export their message history
-Registration again on the same phone not needing activation
-Bug fixes

Version 2.1.5 for iPhone

* You can now export your message history
* Registering again on the same device would not require activation
* Bug fixes

Viber 2.1.3 for Android

Thanks to this new version Viber can show function on Adroid 4 devices. The latest version of the mobile OS is powering the most recent generation of Android smartphones including the incredibly popular Samsung Galaxy Nexus. And now – these phones can also run Viber.

Viber 2.1.3 has many important developments such as better sound quality with Viber voice engine, improved help for low end devices and better dealing with poor network situations.

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2 Responses to The Newest Viber Version for iPhone and Android

  1. dideeweare says:

    Once viber is released for use with Blackberry will I be able to chat for free with someone who has viber on an iphone.

  2. muh.anwar says:

    I am not sure if my viber call reached to my friends. Please give me solutions.

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