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Published on February 6th, 2012 | by admin


Viber Solution – Problem withe Viber continue button not working

viber problemViber is now one of the most popular iPhone application for making free calls. We have already blogged about the Viber support for Computer and according to Viber support team its coming soon. But a good number of people are facing the problem that Viber Continue button is not working for them : Viber problem on iPhone itself.

One of my friend was also having a similar issue, when trying to setup Viber. After entering the phone number, and clicking the ‘continue’ button nothing happens. Basically Continue button doesn’t seem to work : its just not click able.

On some basic research the problem seems to be localized to unlocked iPhones (jailbroken iPhone). Finally we found a solution for this problem (credits to Viber Support forum).

1- So if you are also facing this problem try these simple steps, these should fix this viber continue problem.
2- Remove viber (delete it)

3- Turn off notifications in settings
4- Install push doctor through cydia. Check here.
5- Download it and install
6- Reset iphone (turn it off wait mintutes and turn it back on)
7- Turn on notifications from settings
8- Go to app store get viber and wait for it to finish
9- Open viber and it should work

If your Viber Continue button problems gets resolved voilla, post your iPhone model and OS version. If you are facing any more issues, post them in comments, may be we can help you out! Trust me Viber is one great application.

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  1. ravinder says:

    I am facing problem to activate viber on my window phone lumia 720.when i load activate code then it shows error please give phone 9810897758

  2. ith huy says:

    How can I keep the history when I change a new phone?

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