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Viber is an application for iPhone® and Android™ phones that lets you make free phone calls and send text messages to anyone who also has the application installed. (more…)

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nexus 5The Google Nexus 6 may possibly be the latest and greatest Nexus handset, but its larger size and greater pricing makes the telephone significantly less desirable for all those in search of an reasonably priced smartphone with solid specs. Fortunately, the Nexus five is still greater than capable of supplying a solid Android experience at an affordable cost point, in spite of getting a year old. Around the downside, finding your hands around the Nexus five isn’t as uncomplicated (more…)

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chatonIn another turn of events, Samsung has now confirmed that its ChatOn messaging service will probably be shut down next year right after all, despite firmly stating that reports about killing the service have been false just three weeks ago. Early this morning, Samsung stated that its ChanOn messenger would but shut down in Korea on February 1st 2015, because the organization moves to concentrate on extra well known wellness and (more…)

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google mapThe calendar may show we’re acquiring close to Christmas, but Google is offering virtual reality (VR) fans an Easter egg alternatively inside the type of a brand new 3D viewing function on Google Maps. The VR egg lets Maps guests get a near-real-life view of various sights in Street View, Google stated Tuesday on its Google Plus Cardboard page. The Google Plus post gives an instance with a VR view of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper. Applying Cardboard, (more…)

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ios androidGoogle has unveiled Google 5.0 for iOS, a new release of its search tool for iPhone and iPad. Version five, which incorporates functionality from Google Now, has been rebuilt from the ground up to add a number of new features, plus show off a new look and feel that’s been designed about the new iPhone six product household. The app types the centrepiece of a number of Google goods, made to bypass Apple’s own default (more…)

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wii uWhen gamers discuss which console to get, I frequently questioned why not get each or all of them? Technically that would be in a perfect circumstance that you simply have the dollars to afford that. In some people’s case like mine, you could only really afford one particular residence console. Even though the PS4 and Xbox 1 are excellent, I believe it’s critical to concentrate on the underdog. The Wii U is usually regarded because the “other” residence console, (more…)

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paypal appleMobile payment interface is obtaining well-known very swiftly, be it Apple or Samsung each are providing challenging competition with its respective mobile payment ecosystems. But no matter mobile platform now you could enjoy to purchase iPhones, iPads, Mac or anything else although producing payment by way of PayPal. Now you’re wondering, once you can avail this service, so in the event you are residing inside the UK and US, you will be in a position to get (more…)

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microsoft xbox aIt was a lengthy time coming. Soon after Microsoft found themselves finding their butts handed to them on a silver platter in the battle for 1080p, 60fps games also as falling far behind the install base figures month after month when the PS4 was cleaning residence month in and month out, the Micro ‘S’ ultimately pulled via and scored a win against all odds. IGN is reporting that Microsoft lastly beat Sony in the crucial Black Friday period due to a $50 value reduce in the early goings of November, which saw the (more…)

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Galaxy Tab Lite review

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tab n ewAt just £89, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite could possibly be a tempting prospect for any one on the lookout for an economical tablet from a well-known brand. Even so, following some time together with the tablet the motives for the low value turn into apparent. On the surface, it doesn’t appear also different from Samsung’s other tablets. It has exactly the same physical household button flanked by the capacitive menu and back buttons we’ve come to associate using the Galaxy variety in all of its various guises. On the other hand, as soon as you (more…)

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samsung htc lg lollipop 5.0Android Lollipop is now out within the open and it consists of a hat filled with new capabilities, a visual overhaul and a lot of under-the-hood improvements to make if quicker, much more efficient and lighter on your battery, but while we know all about it, it’s not but readily available for public consumption. Even when it does launch it will likely be down to individual producers to port it to their devices, so possibilities are you are (more…)

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ipod 2014Vintage may be the new black, and folks are clamboring to acquire their hands around the recently discontinued iPod classic-on sale by way of Amazon for upwards of $490. After pretty much 13 years on the marketplace, Cupertino in September removed the iconic MP3 player from its on line shop. When the first iPod launched in October 2001, it sold for $399 and promised 5GB of storage. Now, collectors (or technophobes) (more…)

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