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Viber is an application for iPhone® and Android™ phones that lets you make free phone calls and send text messages to anyone who also has the application installed. (more…)

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nexus 7Amidst each of the other Nexus news nowadays, there’s this tidbit from Expansys. Perhaps you’re not taken by a 9¨ Nexus tablet. Probably you can’t afford that price tag just at the moment. If you do need to have a tablet though, the Nexus 7 (2013) is an excellent tablet (I’ve still got mine, and use it consistently) and Expansys is offering them to get a special cost of just $213.15 currently. Add on $19 shipping, and you’ve got a 32GB Nexus 7 (2013) for just $232 and 15 cents. This is a one-day only give though, so if you are interested, head on more than to Expansys’ Nexus 7 (more…)

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bowers 2Each and every angle is flattering for the B W P5. Supple leather dresses the band and also the on-ear cups. Sculpted metallic arms cris-cross in what serves as both a dazzling design and style trait and an ingenious resizing mechanic. Enlarging the headphones is only a matter of sliding the arms up further in to the headband, or down towards your ear. Then there’s the swivel joint, two metallic cylinders stacked on top rated of one another, elegantly turning the cups inwards with out deforming the P5’s sense of symmetry.  (more…)

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moto 360Motorola’s hyped Moto 360 smartwatch will lastly go on sale in Australia on 31 October. The smartwatch is priced at $329 and can be sold in limited numbers at Australian retailers, including Harvey Norman and Dick Smith. Australian carriers, which do not stock Motorola smartphones, won’t stock the smartwatch.  (more…)

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SmartThings hubSmartThings began its life as a kickstarter project seeking to connect the items inside your physical planet, to the web. Of all the Internet of Things technologies we’ll overview this is likely probably the most ambitious along with the 1 together with the most prospective. So what’s SmartThings? It is usually a hub that contains access for the most typical household automation protocols and it is also a set of proprietary sensors and controllers. In our last IoT evaluation we looked (more…)

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Players AttemptIn Destiny’s massive, epic raid, there is certainly a final boss named Atheon. And there utilized to become a process of “cheesing” him, as in killing him rapidly and unethically (based on who you ask). Players could be able to push Atheon off the level, thereby bringing the boss fight to its early end. Developer Bungie has due to the fact patched that bug out, but legolas8825 and his buddies right here attempted to obtain one particular (more…)

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Road To Digital LiteracyDigital literacy is usually a key component of Digital Citizenship. Teachers are increasingly keen to promote it not merely among students, but across the complete school. Here’s the best way to get began!

Defining Approaching Digital Literacy

Digital literacy may be broadly defined as an capacity or skill which equips students for living, understanding and working in an increasingly digital world. (more…)

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tablets 2014Technological modifications is often overwhelming, and within the new digital environment, teachers are at the forefront of alter. They need to be confident in their use of tablets in order to both lead and hold up with students. We briefly look at what exactly is meant by teacher “confidence” with regards to new technologies, and what this implies in the classroom. For 21st century educators, the capability to use digital technology for teaching is vital. The ultimate target will be to (more…)

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ipad air 2Game altering Apple SIM

At this time utilizing mobile information abroad tends to become extremely high-priced because of roaming charges and 4G abroad is seldom an choice at all, but with an iPad Air 2 and EE it soon might be. The 3G and 4G version of your iPad Air 2 comes using a special SIM card which, in contrast to most SIM cards, may be utilized on different various networks. At this time it’s limited to four- EE inside (more…)

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Active Mobile DevicesNew figures show that Tweet this! you will find now far more active mobile devices inside the world than men and women that’s over 7.2 billion gadgets, whilst the US planet population counter states there are actually currently much less than 7.two billion of us on this planet. The mobile device stats come from GSMA’s real-time intelligence tracker, which tracks how many of those devices are active all over the world and it shows that loads of them are ‘smart’ devices also. Cnet even points out that the gadget tracker figure is growing 5 times as (more…)

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iphone 6 pulus and 6It’s official – the iPhone 6 will definitely be on our shelves soon, and it won’t be alone. Tweet this! Yesterday saw Apple reveal the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at a media occasion in Cupertino they each have bigger screens, much more effective processors and NFC. But is this sufficient to make you should purchase them? Right here they’re. You are able to in all probability inform which one’s the iPhone 6 Plus. As expected, we’re seeing bigger screens with much more curved edges and (more…)

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